Jack Ma is the wealthiest man in Asia he recently visited the Philippines after accepting an invitation from the student government of De La Salle University, a premier school in Manila. Jack Ma, the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group, delivered an encouraging two-hour talk.


In the discussion, he highlighted traits of successful people.


  1. Learn to deal with people

An intelligent person would not succeed if he or she does not know how to deal with other people. Ma shared his experience about being ridiculed while starting his internet-based business in China. He was considered a “crazy guy.” Not minding what other people say about him, but he persevered.


  1. Believe in something

“Is that a silly dream? Believe (in) something that you are passionate about. Don’t believe it because other people think it’s important,” Ma said. He encouraged the students to be simple, stay foolish, and just continue no matter what. People who fail, as Ma believes so, always complain about others. “Only those people who check their own problems, succeed,” he said, adding, “If there is no solution, don’t complain.”


  1. What Do You Want? What Do You Have? And What Will You Give Up?

“So, what do you want, that’s your dream. What you have is your resources as of now, and then what you will give up, in every struggle, in every business or in everything we do, we always must sacrifice something. “It’s either time, or effort or sleep.


Hardhat Professionals cannot ignore these lessons from Ma he is a dignified inspirational speaker. Prior to having a net worth of $38.3 billion in 2017, the 53-year-old went through lots of rejections in his education and career which are his source of strength and motivation.

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