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The annual shutdown which also known as the “Builders Break” is upon us, but did you know that sitting by the pool with a Piña Colada can be helpful to your career as a Hardhat Professional? Check out the following top 5 reasons why you should make time for a break this summer.



1. Improved Productivity

Think working long hours helps to get more done? Think again. A recent study shows that countries that work less are significantly more productive in the workplace. In Germany, ranked one of the most productive countries in the world, employees work on average 35 hours a week and allow themselves 24 days annual holiday. You become less productive without proper breaks…even if people work longer hours, they’re not as creative and can’t maintain the same intensity level.” Dip in the pool, anyone?


2. Health

Did you know for 87% of people, a bad work/life balance negatively impacts health? Medical experts recommend taking time off as crucial for your mental health, as well as your health in the long-run. An excess build-up of stress can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and depression. So don’t forget to look after yourself, as well as your workload!


3. Spending time with loved ones

If you’re working long hours, chances are you’re not spending enough time with the people you love. Taking some time out of your annual leave and spending quality time with loved ones will help you unwind and perk you up after a stressful period at work.


4. Having a mental reset

Being able to properly switch off makes you significantly more productive when you get back behind the desk. But a survey by Glassdoor found that nearly half of employees (44%) have been known to work while on holiday! Are you guilty of skimming through emails while on a sun lounger? So go on, put on your Out Of Office and dare we say it… switch off your phone!


5. Work/Life Balance

Getting a good work/life balance will help you enjoy your job more. Continuing to do the things you love in life will ensure you’re happy in the workplace, and are working at the best of your ability. A happy worker always makes a more productive one!


So go ahead be safe and enjoy your well deserved break it is after all good for your career.


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