Architecture and Human rights; Is it important for the Built Environment?

This past festive season, I had a privilege to visit New York City on a sponsored scholarly visit by my university. One thing that caught my eye was the built environment. It's designed in such a way ....

Thami Mthethwa - updated group, Construction Law

An Amnesty International report claims migrant workers building infrastructure for the 2022 Fifa World Cupin Qatar are still suffering exploitation... Show more

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While many people in the built environment have a working knowledge of the legal and contractual information to FIDIC, the new changes to the Red... Show more

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Moosa Mahomed posted a new discussion07/12/2018

Standard Form Contracts: Is there enough contractual HSE...

The CIBD Standard for Uniformity recommends for four(4) types of contracts to be used amongst public sector clients namely GCC, JBCC, NEC and FIDIC....

Construction Law

Embracing the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) could be a gateway to new, non-adversarial techniques by which to conduct business. It could... Show more

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Moosa Mahomed We first need our SOEs and private clients to develop proprietary systems that can facilitate faster transfer of information between the parties... Show more 2 months ago

5 Ways to Develop Institutionalised Conflict Avoidance

The best way to approach disputes in construction is to avoid them whenever possible entirely, whether the conflict is about poor team communication, project management and workflow delays, design er....

6 Ways to Resolve Disputes Quickly and Avoid Litigation

Disputes in construction arise; that’s just a fact. While you may want to complain, delay a resolution or even forget about them entirely, the way in which you respond (and how quickly) makes a hug....

Hardhat Professionals did you know that PROCSA states that the Agent indemnifies the Consultant against claims by third parties which exceeds the... Show more

Although the value of MENA disputes fluctuated in the last four years, between $56m and $91m, it consistently exceeded the value of disputes in... Show more

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