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Overlooked Essentials for Employee Well-Being – Social Support

If job control is one important aspect of a healthy workplace, social support is another. Research going back to the 1970s consistently demonstrates a connection between social support and health. Ha....

Overlooked Essentials for Employee Well-Being: Job Control

Studies going back decades have shown that job control, i.e. the number of discretion employees must determine what they do and how they do it—has a major impact on their physical health. Recent re....

5 Best Practices to Address Mental Health in Construction

Various factors can influence the wellbeing of professionals in the construction and built environment industry, from employment conditions and hazardous sites to lack of support and direction. Below ....

STUDY: Drugs and Sleep, factors in the Mental Health of Construction Professionals

Alcohol and drug use   The use of alcohol and drugs heighten pre-existing vulnerabilities towards mental illnesses and suicide. As such, more construction workers dying from suicide report alcohol-r....

STUDY: Construction Professionals Unlikely to Seek Mental Health Assistance

The ability to seek help for a mental health problem is a key step towards recovery. Despite this fact, the majority of those people who suffer from common mental disorders do not seek treatment from ....

STUDY: Relationships Influence the Mental Wellbeing of Construction Professionals

Strong relationships with an intimate partner, family member, and friends can buffer people against mental health problems. If these people do develop mental health problems, they are more likely to r....

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Study: Employment Conditions Influence the Mental Wellbeing of Construction Professionals

Study: Employment Conditions Influence the Mental Wellbeing of Construction Professionals   Work can provide a number of tangible benefits to the mental health of an individual. Aside from providin....

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Do you suffer from anxiety as a result of the pressure from your job? How do you manage it?