In Conversation with Hardhat Professionals

In Conversation with Hardhat Professionals

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A Changing World: New trends in emerging market infrastructure finance

Baker Mckenzie a law firm recently released a report on new trends in emerging infrastructure finance. The Hard Hat Professional spoke to Jen Stolp (JS), a Partner at the firm about the bill. ....

hPaul Netscher, construction author and former MD of WBHO’s Civil Engineering Division shares with The HardHat Professional his career trajectory... Show more

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Siyabonga Hadebe, an independent commentator on socio-economic, politics and global matters, says we are quick to embrace the “4IR speak” when we... Show more

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Amanda Mtya talks to us about why BIM is the future of the Construction industry

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Moosa Mahomed Great views. I stand with you on the point clients need to drive this by requesting BIM. The advantages of BIM in design and construction cannot be... Show more 3 weeks ago

The need for Digital Revolution in the Construction Industry

The HardHat Professional interviewed construction professional Dylan Rishworth (DR) about his role and his opinion on the need for a digital revolution in the industry. ....

My 40 + years journey as a Construction Professional

Steve Keightley-Smith (SKS), a contracts manager with 41 years of experience under his belt, shares his story of how he managed to build a successful career in construction. He has a few words to shar....

In Conversation with Errol Kerst

The South African Institute of Civil Engineering (SAICE) president, Errol Kerst (EK), talks to The Hard Hat Professional (THHP) about the current state of civil engineering jobs in the country. THHP:....

In Conversation with Dr.Claire Deacon

THHP spoke to Dr Claire Deacon (CD), the President of the Association of Construction Health and Safety Management (Achasm), about the state of Health and Safety on the Construction sites across South....

In Conversation with Rudolf du Plessis

Tackling Infrastructure and Skills Vital for Urban Growth and Technology Rudolf du Plessis (RdP), an Economic Policy Analyst Urban Development Consultant from Johannesburg, South Africa, believes tac....

In Conversation with Bongani Mankewu

SA Infrastructure Fund must be Investment Rather than Expenditure Bongani Mankewu (BM), Director at the Infrastructure Research Development Centre (IRDC) who was part of the panel at the Infrastructu....