The South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) notes Minister Tito Mboweni’s Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) presented in... Show more

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Effective Urban Planning and Land Development for African Cities

How can African leaders and policymakers institute effective urban planning to speed up development for the crowded, costly and disconnected African cities? Crucially, leaders must first realise that....

New financing options for infrastructure in the UK should be considered, including pay-as-you-go road schemes, says a study by the Institution of... Show more

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The Urgency of a New Development Path for African Cities

African cities are crowded as well as disconnected, making them costly for firms and residents. The physical and economic dysfunction of African cities constrains public service provision, inhibits la....

Anyone wishing to travel from the capital of Tanzania south to the capital of neighbouring Mozambique invariably catches a plane. The flight time... Show more

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4 Critical Practices in the Delivery Phase of Mega Projects

By the time an ultra large project reaches the delivery phase, many of the key decisions have been made, yet unexpected challenges inevitably arise. Project leaders should focus on four practices thro....

Whereas it is still under much skepticism, how and who built the world’s largest mysterious pyramids in Egypt, it is clear who is going to build... Show more

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4 Crucial Setup Practices to Deliver Ultra Large Projects

Unsurprisingly, the project setup phase is fundamental to establishing healthy management practices that deliver successful project outcomes for ultra large projects. “The way you start is the way ....

I think Built Environment Professionals especially the ones working in the public sector should be given a platform by industry bodies to enable...