Country at a Crossroads - a Response to Mid-term Budget Speech

On Wednesday 24 October 2018, South Africa’s brand-new Finance Minister, the honourable Mr Tito Titus Mboweni, delivered his first Medium Term Budget Policy Statement, MTBPS Speech, to the country.

Construction Corruption Hinders Mpumalanga’s Youth from Reaching Full Potential

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the educated young South African achieving their goals and holding dear the opportunities they deserve based on their qualifications and hard work. However,....

Samuel Charandura There is nothing painful than seeing our learned youths failing to get jobs in the industry they have studied for.Insightful piece.Its us who must... Show more 8 hours 58 minutes ago

Why are Government Organisations Often Poor at Project Delivery?

Why are government organisations (national, state, city, town and state-run enterprises) often poor at project delivery? Paul Netscher, a construction management consultant and writer with 30 years of....

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SHARE YOUR OPINION : Legal remedy enough to deal with the “Construction Mafia?

In his article Advocate Wayne Pocock is recommending a legal remedy for Construction companies that have their projects stopped by the “Construction...

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SHARE YOUR OPINION: Construction Mafia” should be brought...

Whether we like it or not the “Construction Mafia” is now a feature of the South African Construction industry. These guys say they are prepared to...

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Is Density a Solution to urbanisation in Africa?

With the prediction that more than two-thirds of all people will live in cities. It might not sound so different from what we are seeing in mega...


To really experience the advantages of city living, the real key word is “density”. Defined as the number of people per square metre in a certain... Show more

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When Projects Go Wrong

A project is a unique undertaking that is full of risk and uncertainty because it has never been done before in that exact way. Project management, as a discipline, is a response to this ambiguity. It....

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