5 Ways to Develop Institutionalised Conflict Avoidance

The best way to approach disputes in construction is to avoid them whenever possible entirely, whether the conflict is about poor team communication, project management and workflow delays, design errors and misunderstandings, or unrealistic or mistaken expectations.

6 Ways to Resolve Disputes Quickly and Avoid Litigation

Disputes in construction arise; that’s just a fact. While you may want to complain, delay a resolution or even forget about them entirely, the way in which you respond (and how quickly) makes a huge difference. Whether your greatest concern is losing a client or causing a PR nightmare or both, the following six steps can substantially reduce the fallout and impact:

Is an Electronic Signature Legally Binding?

The infrastructure industry is ever evolving and reinventing itself with the rise of technology. The commercial environment has shifted into a new digital era. This digital era demands instant results. Role-players in the construction sector are often expected to conclude contracts and orders from a ‘mobile’ office via e-mail.