Turning rubbish into roads to cut down on plastic waste

Plastic waste is a growing problem, but some are taking action to repurpose single-use bottles and bags into something more useful.

Ghana is home to one of the world’s largest growing economies thanks in large part to its abundant natural resources. But with growth comes plastic waste.

M&R’s mystery tour

Some basic facts about the Aton, M&R and Aveng are obvious, but the future could hold surprises

Aton’s revised R17/a share offer for Murray & Roberts and M&R’s proposed tie-up with Aveng is starting to sound like former US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s take on whether Iraq was supplying weapons of mass destruction to "terrorists" in 2002.

How Gerald Ndlovu empowers entrepreneurs in the construction sector

Founder and Executive Director of Black Suppliers Gerald Ndlovu established his company to help upcoming entrepreneurs in the construction sector connect with the larger market