How to be a great Leader

How to be a great Leader

Leader, noun. 1. “the person who leads or commands a group, organisation, or country.”

Sounds simple, right? Leadership is anything but. Good leadership is even more complex and yet so indispensable. And in today’s business world, leadership is one of the most vital skills for career advancement. Let’s examine some of the qualities that make up a great leader.

Leaders must change and adapt

Leadership encompasses an ever-evolving set of skills, which is one of the reasons that it is so challenging to teach leadership. The techniques and abilities that have brought you to a certain stage in your career may not be useful in the next step. As a leader, you will need to adapt and change to the situation and needs. Your style of leadership will have to adapt to the project or organisation, and you will need to stay attuned to when your leadership style loses its efficiency, so you can adapt and use a more effective tactic.

Stepping up and mobilising

Developing from a manager to a real leader is a formidable task. Harvard Leadership guru, John P. Kotter, simplified it into three steps that leaders need to perform effectively:

1. Establish a vision

2. Align people with that vision

3. Motivate people to implement and achieve the vision.

If you want to lead…

Leadership can largely be linked to natural ability, and some people have greater leadership aptitude than others. Despite this, some elements of leadership can be learned. And there is no way to learn them without getting out there, trying, failing, reorganising and repeating.

If you are truly dedicated to growing as a leader, it’s imperative that you get out there and take the initiative. Look for leadership opportunities within your organisation and consider volunteering if none are found within your company structure. Always keep teamwork in mind, as you can improve your leadership skills by caring for your team and nurturing teamwork.

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