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    Good day Professionals.
    I would like to open a dialogue that could probably shed some light on something.

    Please name an SOC/SOE and its category relating to the Industrial Revolution(IR), that is at least 80% operational and functioning.
    (Example: PRASA would fall under the 2nd IR, but it is at best 40% functional in my opinion)

    My reason for asking this is, How are we as a country supposed to embrace the 4th IR when we have not perfected let alone grasped the basics of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd industrial revelations?

    How are we supposed to learn how to run when we still can not crawl?

    • Hi Madute this is an important question but I believe it will not help to try and answer it.

      Because in my opinion how the industry or the country adapts to 4IR will not be depend on Goverment/SOE/Corporates. It is individuals like me and you who will accelerate the adoption of 4IR.

      4IR has leveled the playing field between big organizations and individuals we all need to find a role to play as individuals.