How Mentorship Has Helped My Career

How Mentorship Has Helped My Career

Mentorship is a crucial part of every graduate in any industry there is. It does not only provide the knowledge and skills we require to perform our duties in the industry but also has several other advantages in learning and developing our careers as young people.  

In my years of learning from others who have mentored me in my progressive success as a Hard Hat Professional, I have lived to realise the importance and the benefits that mentorship provides. I now deem mentorship an important aspect in developing one’s career.

The benefits that one obtains from this aspect of career development such as communications, networking, competency, maintaining professional relationships and many more are the key ingredients for a successful career in any industry.  

Mentorship is advantageous not only for Mentees but the Mentors as well. In my experience of being a mentee and later a mentor, I have discovered that I have benefited largely from both as an individual. It has helped develop my skills in the industry as well.

We find that in recent times employees are becoming more and more confident in their field following more young successful entrepreneurs and professionals. Knowledge alone is no longer the only determining factor of success, and mentorship remains crucial. There is always something to learn from those who had come before us and walked the same path.

Advantages of mentorship

  1. Mentorship is key to networking. We can easily spread our contacts and therefore expand our careers.
  2. Mentorship helps with the communication skills required to navigate in the industry and build our careers.
  3. Mentorship boosts the mentee’s self-confidence and improves their ability to perform their duties.
  4. Mentors also assist in identifying our strengths and weaknesses, which is crucial to personal and professional development.
  5. Mentorship feedback also gives us the ability to see other’s view and thus enables us to identify areas we need to learn and improve to advance in our careers.

How my career benefited from mentoring others  

Generally, leadership skills and character are determined by the ability to develop others successfully. My view of successful leadership has always been the leader’s ability to transfer skills and knowledge to others successfully and provide guidance that ultimately develops a mentee into a successful professional in a particular field or structure. 

Most successful leaders pursue mentorship as a tool to develop and advance their careers. Mentorship is beneficial for both the mentor and mentee at the same time with advantages for both parties involved therein.

What I benefited from as a mentee

  1. I have developed my communication skills greatly as a mentee.
  2. I have built a wide network which offered me opportunities to expand my personal and professional contacts.
  3. It has helped me to stay focused and also track my position in the industry when developing my career as an individual.
  4. I have also obtained valuable insight into the important aspects that I needed to focus on to advance my career.
  5. I have learnt the 3 Rs: Responsible, Respectful and Ready, which have been crucial in my career to be accountable, have respect for others, and always prepared for new challenges.

What I benefited from as a mentor

  1. I have grown as an individual in successfully mentoring others and thus reinforcing my leadership skills.
  2. My career has advanced a lot when mentoring others.
  3. It has improved my ability to listen to others and learn other perspectives actively. ]
  4. It helped improve my relationship skills and gave me a high sense of personal satisfaction/self-worth.
  5. It also helped improve my communication skills particularly dealing with mentees that have emerged from different backgrounds with different mind-sets.

My tips on how to build a successful mentor/mentee relationship  

 Successful relationships are built mostly of reciprocity; I firmly believe that it is easier to have a good relationship when you are aware of what you benefit from what you give.

Mentorship relationships, as mentioned above, are beneficial for both the mentor and mentee. On both professional and personal levels, both the mentor and mentee can develop skills and learn new perspectives and thus advance each other’s career. 

Building a successful mentor/mentee relationship requires each party to become aware of the benefits they receive in the relationship.

  1. Develop a summary of goals and expectations in the relationship.
  2. Be intentional about what you are willing to invest in the relationship, be it time and energy. Reciprocity has proven to be a crucial aspect of all interpersonal relationships.
  3. Always ensure that you are mentored by a person who can fill the gaps in your skillset.
  4. Mentees must also have a clear sense of self-appraisal to be able to identify their needs, and this will help in obtaining the best mentorship.
  5. Both the Mentor and the Mentee must have good listening skills.
  6. Develop a good relationship trust, which is crucial in building an effective and successful mentorship relationship.
  7. Understand your mentor’s way of thinking as this will assist you to compare your way of thinking in the industry.
  8. Always remember that there is a difference between mentorship and coaching wherein mentorship is in charge of learning and coaching generally directs the learning.


Mentorship is an important concept when we want to grow in our professional career. I firmly believe that most people have become successful not solely based on what they believed, but also based on feedback from others, which in turn motivated them to try new things and challenge themselves.

It is, however, important to note that there is always reciprocity in mentorship, which helps both the mentor and the mentee grow.  



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