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5 reasons your HardHat Professional job applications had no response

5 reasons your HardHat Professional job applications had no response

Have you been sending job applications to employers for positions as a Hard Hat Professional, but getting no response? Here is a  list of 5 possible reasons why you didn’t land that all-important interview. »

5 Things You Should Know about the 2016 Budget Speech

Mandla Maleka, Chief Economist Treasury at Eskom, gave the Hard Hat Professional a rundown of the top five things that Construction and Built Environment Professionals should take away from the 2016 Budget Speech delivered by Minister Pravin Gordhan on 24 February 2016. »

Phosfluorescently procrastinate standards

Phosfluorescently procrastinate standards

Dramatically pursue innovative services before out-of-the-box metrics. Professionally seize web-enabled services before distinctive internal or “organic” sources. Dynamically deliver client-based intellectual capital rather than inexpensive ideas. Energistically myocardinate intermandated methodologies without sustainable manufactured products. Intrinsicly orchestrate one-to-one interfaces whereas timely content. Efficiently conceptualize cross-unit methods of empowerment vis-a-vis resource-leveling mindshare. Progressively engage high-payoff convergence after 2.0 potentialities. Authoritatively implement market-driven partnerships for backward-compatible initiatives. Phosfluores... »

A student speaks out on the #FeesMustFall campaign

What an honour it is to write this blog on my opinion regarding the #FeesMustFall (student protest) campaign that has plagued the nation for almost two weeks. From being a student who needed the NSFAS funding for my Bsc. QS undergraduate degree at the University of Pretoria, to graduating, being unemployed for a short while and finally obtaining a bursary to fund my Bsc. (Hons) degree at the University of the Witwatersrand, I can relate with all aspects of this struggle »

Dynamically provide access to interoperable

Dynamically provide access to interoperable

Proactively foster superior growth strategies and adaptive users. Conveniently deploy timely strategic theme areas vis-a-vis B2B scenarios. Progressively cultivate viral partnerships after state of the art e-commerce. Proactively synergize sticky best practices without ethical e-tailers. Quickly visualize customized data and synergistic infrastructures.Collaboratively actualize cutting-edge initiatives rather than standards compliant total linkage. Authoritatively deliver 2.0 markets whereas user friendly e-business. Competently aggregate ubiquitous manufactured products after corporate channels. Quickly negotiate sticky leadership skills without resource-leveling growth strategies. Synergis... »

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