Four ways Diversity will save the Construction Industry

Four ways Diversity will save the Construction Industry

In the last while, diversity has become a buzzword in the construction industry, resulting in some construction trade associations establishing policies and councils to manage inclusivity. Construction companies are being faced with more and more challenges- mainstream as well as those specific to the construction industry.

Here are some ways in which diversity can help overcome those challenges:

1. Diversity can solve systemic labour shortages:

The USA is currently faced with a skilled labour shortage, a shortage that has been especially far-reaching for the construction industry. The bureau of labour statistics reports that the number of open construction jobs increased from 202,000 to 263,000 between middle 2017 and June 2018. This clearly demonstrates that the industry requires all available workers, and one solution is to prioritise diversity in order to broaden companies’ pool of prospective employees.

As the US workforce is becoming increasing racially, ethnically and gender- diverse, embracing diversity would put construction companies ahead of the curve.

2. Inclusive work environments lead to greater engagement

According to some studies, employees who work in a diverse environment are more engaged and happier than those who are not.  In the field of construction, this is especially important, as the industry relies on teamwork and good communication in order to function effectively.

3. Diversity increases productivity

Employing minorities not only fosters a positive work environment, but also aids construction companies in recruiting the most qualified workers by widening the candidate pool. According to one study, removing bias from the interview process and hiring based on skills and talent results in 40 percent less absenteeism, 70 percent fewer safety incidents and 59 percent less turnover.

4. Diverse teams excel in decision making and innovation

Construction workers require critical thinking skills in order to assess problems and fix them. A diverse team is able to enhance these skills, as a group comprising of different perspectives will reach a better solution faster.

By recruiting from women and minorities, construction agencies will be able to hire smarter: Promoting diversity is a strong solution for ensuring future success.

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