The Realities Of Contract Awarding: Are Professionals Experiencing The Short End Of The Stick?

The Realities Of Contract Awarding: Are Professionals Experiencing The Short End Of The Stick?

I have over 12years experience in this industry and the circle is like an edifice that you can’t break. In this industry the first step is understanding just how much we will never understand or how systems become fragile. The population of professionals will necessarily go through periods of feast and famine. The recent and or long existing issues are nothing new. This is designed for an experience of hunger for those that perpetuate fraud and those that are simply unknown and qualified as professionals to delay registration because they would excel far better in executing any work steered their direction simply because most are ethical.

I have been on the awarding end of contracts empowering B-BBEE in my career and I have had the privilege of looking past the curtain through my lens from where I sat as the awardee for empowerment. In my last position as former Head of Corporate Realty Services in an international bank, I found the requirements are too disadvantageous to Black entrepreneurs and this is what I have experienced in my career as I have had the opportunity to scrutinise the requirements that most professionals do not meet; we are told they would have to be of a certain calibre.

One would never win even if the new BBBEE code and charter is rolled out and implemented; you find the same people over and over again wherever you go without change. Do you want to tell me that the net is not wide enough to ensure that the pie is stretched out for all to benefit?

I have not personally dealt with the registration of SACPCMP but I have had experience with those professionals that I wanted to bring on board by casting my net wider, where they simply do not have that certification to grant them an opportunity. Everything is earmarked for someone to push a certain agenda and opportunities are limited to a few and there simply is no change in the fragile system which is taken advantage of by the sensational ones that are favoured.

This market is saturated by the same people who do not bring about change and hog everything to themselves and circulate empowerment within the same circle. SACPCMP accreditation does not really help you that much, although it may be a requirement in order for you as a professional to advance in future projects, but you’re simply not about to win this battle unless you entice the one on the awarding end to process for you, which is an unscrupulous and unethical business conduct of never ending cycle.

The best advice is to have an associate and/or professional that has the best interest at heart for the development of one business venture without asking anything in return, which is quite rare to find in this industry; it is all about relationship management.

An individual that awards work to professionals and never asks for anything in return is deemed a danger to the system and a hawk to the industry when you do not play the same game as everyone else. That is why individuals like ourselves often never last in key positions of change all because we do not conform to the status quo and because we know who is who and want to cast the net wider. You literally get discussed in boardrooms and at bars and labelled as a bench player and side-lined through many forms of even trying by all means to make you unemployable.

I have seen it all and I can tell the dos and don’ts in the public sector and private sector. There are only a few of us that want to transform this industry but we are watched and monitored and our hands are tied.

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